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Aldo Meetings

For All Your Meeting and Webinar Needs

Aldo Meetings is a new generation of Cloud based web meetings and presentation solution that supports web meetings or web presentations from or to all four screens: PCs, Tablets, Cell Phones and TVs. To conduct a Web Meeting or a Web Presentation, all a user needs is a web browser. There is no need to install browser plug-ins or a desktop application. For use with a Tablet or a Cell Phone device, there is the Aldo app in the app store.

With Aldo Meetings, users can view presentations in a meeting room via Aldo Presenter and can be invited to present on a Meeting Room TV by an Aldo Presenter meeting host. Both Aldo Presenter and Aldo Meetings operates seamlessly across devices, networks and web and for a PC to PC or PC to Cell Phone meetings and presentation, Aldo Presenter is not required.

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Aldo Meetings supports all the standard web meetings and presentation features as well as advanced features like broadcasting a Webinar to many users.

Aldo uses the latest in web and communication technologies and offers a higher degree of security and compatibility and can be optionally hosted in an enterprise’s premises or their cloud infrastructure.

Aldo Portal for Enterprise Users

Aldo Meetings is designed for ease of use. A user can start an instant meeting with ease or an Aldo Meeting Host can schedule a meeting via the Aldo Portal. Some of the features supported are scheduling, inviting participants, participant level password and syncing with Outlook, Google calendar and other popular calendaring / meeting scheduling services. This is where a Meeting Host sets permissions for various meeting participants, like permission to only View a presentation to being able to use multi-party whiteboard. A Meeting room invitation URL and Broadcast view URL are accessible from this portal.

For those who have simple use requirements can use Aldo Meetings without having to use Aldo Portal. Example, in a class room setting different instructors would be coming and going and want to use Aldo to project via class room projector and does not require scheduling the use of class room. In such cases, use of Aldo Portal is not required.

To meet a variety of business and enterprise requirements, Aldo Meetings is available in various configurations. Please click here to see the configurations and pricing options.

Comprehensive Administration

Requirements to Use Aldo

Aldo Meetings uses a new generation of web and communication infrastructure which eliminates the desktop application installation or browser plug-ins; typically required of most of the solutions in use at present. Furthermore, Aldo Meetings supports nearly all devices and operating systems and browser collection that represents over 85% market share. For mobile devices and tablets, the Aldo app is available in the Google Play store.

To run Aldo Meetings, a computer running Windows, MacOS or Linux operating system with a minimum of 4GByte memory is required. A user will access the Aldo Meetings software via one of the popular browsers. Recommended minimum network speed of is 8mbps. Cell phones and Tablet devices with as little as 2GByte memory and 4mbps connection speed are supported.

Operating Systems, Browsers and Apps Stores

Aldo supports all modern and popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. No browser plug-in is required and there is no desktop application to install. Those wanting to use Aldo Meetings on Android phones and Android or Amazon Fire tablets can download the Aldo App from the respective app store. Support for iPhones and iPads is coming soon.

Aldo Supports Most Modern Operating Systems
Aldo Supports Most Modern Browsers

Value Proposition for Enterprise Customers

Enterprise Customers can meet all their meeting room scheduling, presentation and web meeting needs with a combination of Aldo Presenter, Aldo Meetings and iRevo Digital Signage (iDS) software integrated seamlessly as one common platform. Users will access all the features of Aldo Presenter and Aldo Meetings from the same Aldo Portal and configure meeting room displays as well as add and manage Meeting Host users.

iRevo’s iDS software enables users to display meeting room schedules on meeting room TV or on a tablet mounted outside the meeting room. iDS supports building custom presentation and meeting display views whether on a single large screen display or when using up to four displays at once.

Unlike some other presentation or web meetings solutions, use of Aldo software is not tied to an operating system, office or docs suite or a user ID on a particular platform.

Aldo Meetings
Aldo Meetings
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Aldo Meetings
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