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A Network Based Presentation Solution

Introducing Aldo Presenter

Aldo Presenter is a new generation of Network Based solution for presenting from a personal computer to a TV or a Projector. All a user needs for presenting is a network connection and a web browser, the two features available across all computing devices. This helps Aldo Presenter to deliver the highest level of compatibility across Windows, Macs, Chrome & Linux PCs for presenting on TV.

Aldo is designed to address a broad range of use cases; from an ad-hoc instant presentation that does not require use of cables, dongles, login and scheduling to an enterprise work flow where scheduling a presentation and inviting others to participate.

Users can join by being in a conference room or situated on campus / remote offices or from anywhere on the Web. A visitor can present when connected to a company's Guest network or his/her own hot spot.

Aldo is available as a standalone product or Integrated with the iRevo iDS Digital Signage software for optimum use of TV display resulting in big cost savings.


Aldo User Interface
Aldo Admin Portal

Comprehensive Administration
Aldo Meeting Host Portal

Aldo is a feature rich yet easy to use presentation system that grows with your organization's need and setting up of Aldo based presentation system is a snap. Connect a PC to network and its HDMI output to TV. Type in a URL (provided by iRevo or self-generated) in a browser on PC and you will see the Display Name and Pin Code on TV using which one can start presenting. It’s that simple.

For those whose needs go beyond instant presentations, Aldo offers advance management and scheduling features via Aldo Admin and Aldo Meeting portals.

Admin users can setup displays/rooms and add users (meeting hosts) for access to Meeting Host portal. From this portal, Admins can customize the display on TV as per the Company Brand and set various permissions for meeting hosts.

Via Meeting Host portal, users can schedule a presentation and invite users, set various security settings and share meeting room link via email.