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Aldo Presenter

A Universal Presentation Solution

Aldo Presenter is a new generation of Network Based presentation solution for presenting from a personal computer to a TV or a projector. All a user needs for presenting is a network connection and a web browser, the two features available across all computing devices. With Aldo, there is no need to connect a cable from a PC to a TV or attach a USB or HDMI dongle to presenter’s computer. Furthermore, there is no software installation or browser plug-in is required on presenter’s or viewer’s computer.

Many times, companies use an Apple TV player or Miracast & Google Cast adapters to support presentation from a PC to a TV. These solutions are not universally compatible across a variety of computer models and OS Platforms. They require the presenter to be on the same network and in the same room and viewers of the presentation too must be physically in the same room as the TV.

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Aldo Presenter eliminates many of the above issues. It is versatile and supports a variety of use cases that meets the requirements of today’s work place. With Aldo Presenter, a user can present from within a conference room or invite a remote user to present on the TV in the meeting room. Similarly, presentation viewers can be in front of the TV display or view the presentation on his/her computer or mobile phone. Remote users can be on campus or at remote office or anywhere on the Web.

A visitor can present when connected to a company's Guest network or use his/her own hot spot. It is not required that presenter be on the same network, adding flexibility and enhancing security.

Aldo Portal for Enterprise Users

Aldo Presenter is designed to address a broad range of use cases; from starting an instant presentation to an enterprise work flow where scheduling a meeting and inviting others to participate is required. Aldo Portal access enables Aldo admins to set up Meeting Rooms and Meeting Hosts, who can schedule a meeting and invite others to participate. Aldo portal offers a comprehensive feature set for most commonly envisioned use cases as well as advanced use cases like Broadcasting to a large audience.

For those who have simple use requirements can use Aldo Presenter without having to use Aldo Portal. Example, in a class room setting different instructors would be coming and going and want to use Aldo to project via class room projector and does not require scheduling the use of class room. In such cases, use of Aldo Portal is not required.

To meet a variety of business and enterprise requirements Aldo Presenter is available in various configurations. Please click here to see the configurations and pricing options.

Comprehensive Administration

Requirements to Use Aldo

Aldo is a Network and Browser based presentation system and requires a PC or a compute device that connects to the network and runs a browser. Because of the minimal requirements, setting up an Aldo based presentation system is a snap. Connect a device of your choice to a network and its HDMI output to a TV or a projector. Type in a URL (provided by iRevo or self-generated) in a browser on the PC and you will see the Display Name and Pin Code on screen. To start presenting, simply enter display name and pin code at the Aldo website – and start presenting. It’s that simple.

Browsers and Apps Stores Supported

Aldo is the latest in web and communications technologies that are supported in all modern browsers; including Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. No browser plug-in is required and there is no desktop application to install. Those wanting to use Aldo Presenter on Android or FireTV displays and devices or mobile phones can download the Aldo App from the respective app store. Support for iOS coming soon.

Aldo Supports Most Modern Browsers

Devices that Can Run Aldo

To use Aldo Presenter, you need a PC or a compute device connected to the network and its HDMI output connected to HDMI input of a TV or a projector. Aldo Presenter software runs in a browser and does not require the compute power of a typical desktop PC, resulting in substantial cost savings. Aldo presenter runs on devices ranging from a Compute Stick and Chrome devices to NUCs, PCs and Macs. For a more simple and economical solution, Aldo Presenter can be run on Android TVs where no external device is required or can be used with Android media players like nVidia Shield.

If you are really on a budget, you can use one of the newer Fire TV Sticks too, however, it does not support video calling. You can hear audio and see presentations.


Mac Mini
Mac Mini

Chrome Box
Chrome Box

Android/Fire TV Devices
Android / Fire TV Devices

Basic Aldo Setup
Aldo Configuration - PC/NUC
Aldo Presenter setup with an external device driving a TV display

Aldo Configuration - Android TV
Aldo Presenter setup for display with Android TV built-in. No external computer or devices needed

Multiple Display and Multiple Presenter Support

Aldo Presenter gives you the flexibility to use two or more displays to present various presentation content for an immersive experience. For example, you can use two Android TVs or Android media players where one display shows video call and another shows presentation. You can also use a PC or NUC with two HDMI output to drive two displays and select how content is partitioned between two screens. Similarly, if you have one large TV (75” and larger) or a big screen projector, you can organize content in different regions as you like or use one of the pre-defined templates we provide.

Aldo Configuration - Dual HDMI
Aldo Presenter running on PC/NUC with Dual HDMI output

Aldo Configuration - Digital Signage
Aldo Presenter + iRevo Digital Signage in one app on Android TV. Enables making custom layouts and displaying of custom content

Aldo Configuration - Projector with Compute Stick
Aldo Presenter running on a Compute Stick with Projector

Aldo Configuration - Touch Enabled Interactive Whiteboard
Aldo Presenter with touch enabled interactive whiteboard