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Aldo + Digital Signage

Unparalled Flexibility and Control

Aldo is fully integrated with iRevo Digital Signage for complete display control. With iRevo Digital Signage you benefit from added digital signage functionality, such as displaying meeting room schedules, messages, tickers and all the many features that are included with iRevo Digital Signage.

Paired with iRevo Digital Signage, Aldo runs in a region, maintaining meeting schedules, automatically entering a room when so scheduled and returning to the digital signage project schedule when meetings are concluded. Elegant and comprehensive display management and control, all from your browser.

Users can join by being in a conference room or situated on campus / remote offices or from anywhere on the Web. A visitor can present when connected to a company's Guest network or his/her own hot spot.

For Complete Information on iRevo Digital Signage, visit the iRevo Digital Signage Website


Video/Audio Calls

Text Chat



Aldo User Interface
Comprehensive Administration

Aldo + Digital Signage Features
• All the features of Aldo Enterprise + Digital Signage
• Support for Multiple Displays (TVs or Projectors)
• Create Custom Layout (via iDS)
• Up to Four Users Can Present at the same time
• Customize Portal with Image, Video and Logo
• Display Meeting Room Schedules on TV or Tablet
• All the features of iRevo Digital Signage
and more...

Simple to Install

Setting up an Aldo + Digital Signage based presentation system is a snap. Install iRevo Digital Signage on your display. Create a digital signage project and paste in an Aldo URL (provided by iRevo or self-generated) for the region content and you will see the Display Name and Pin Code on the TV, using which you can start presenting. It’s that simple.

Advanced Display Control

Aldo can be configured for use with iRevo Digital Signage in a number of different configurations to suit your needs, all controled by via the browser. Run Aldo in full screen, in a region, toggle full screen / region along with other digital signage content, all controlled via a browser.

Aldo Quad Layout
Aldo + Digital Signage: Quad Display Layout

Aldo Custom Layout
Aldo + Digital Signage: Custom Layout

Comprehensive Administration
Aldo + Digital Signage: Custom Video Background

Multiple Display Support

Aldo + Digital Signage supports Multiple Displays, with each display configured to show a specific type of content. For example, one display can show Video, another display can show Whiteboard, a third can display Screenshare content. All configured via our easy to use Admin/Meeting Room Portal.

Configuration of Multiple Displays is very easy. Once you have your Room set up, simply copy a customized URL from a drop-down list for the type of content to display and paste into the content region in iDS. It's that simple.

Aldo Configuration - Non-Android TV
Aldo + Digital Signage Mutliple Display Support for up to 4 displays, each configured for different content.

Aldo Configuration - Android / Fire TV
Left to Right: Display, Video Call, Screenshare, Whiteboard

Designed to Grow with You

Aldo is a feature rich yet easy to use presentation system that grows with your organization's need. For those whose needs go beyond instant presentations, Aldo offers advance management and scheduling features via Aldo Admin and Aldo Meeting portals.

Admin users can setup displays/rooms and add users (meeting hosts) for access to Meeting Host portal. From this portal, Admins can customize the display on TV as per the Company Brand and set various permissions for meeting hosts. Via Meeting Host portal, users can schedule a presentation and invite users, set various security settings and share meeting room link via email.

Aldo Configuration - Non-Android TV
Aldo + Digital Signage setup with an external device driving a TV display

Aldo Configuration - Android TV
Aldo + Digital Signage setup when used with an Android TV display

Aldo Presenter Configuration

Aldo + Digital Signage Configuration is simplified from other presentations systems, as shown above. For non-android TV displays, you can use an Android media player. Optionally use a USB Video Camera for video/audio calls and a USB Keyboard for initial setup. For Android TV, configuration is even simpler. Network connection can be either WiFi or Ethernet.